What's a Zopio?

it's a word, for starters

No, it's not Italian, nor does it hold meaning in any of the languages you took in 7th grade. To be honest, we couldn't find any words meant exactly what we wanted to say, and we just felt like a Zopio, so we created the word and introduced it to the international lexicon.

it's a web company

Not just a website company, despite the fact that we build a lot of websites. We're a renaissance web company -- a jack of all trades. We strive to fill in every gap that the constantly expanding faultline of technology leaves in its path. We build and maintain online periodicals, we preach the important role of standards-compliant web design in the evolution of the internet, and we try to dip our toes in any great opportunities that cross our path. Whatever the task, we bring the creativity, knowledge and positive attitude required to do it exceptionally.


There's only so much space to explain what we do and who we are, but hopefully you've gotten a pretty good idea. The bottom line is that you're a unique individual with a unique project, one for which we probably haven't covered all the bases. So give us a call, drop us a line, or say hello through any of the avenues we provide on our contact page. We'd love to talk to you personally about your project, and about how we can execute it quickly, effectively and within your budget.

Zopio Top 5

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Of montreal

This Athens, Georgia-based band is redefining the popular conception of modern rock (if their sound can even be confined to a label. 'The Sunlandic Twins', their previous album, despite its dynamism, was somehow outdone by their latest endeavor, 'Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?'. Any album titled as a question to a zoological entity is okay by us.


What's cuter than a puppy? Nothing, that's what. While theoretically a puppy trapped under a cardboard box, or dressed in a burberry sweater might in fact increase the cuteness factor, it would also make this list about six things instead of five.

PVC Piping

We don't use it very much in our daily lives, but we're aware of its importance to the infrastructure of modern society.

Federico Fellini's 8 1/2

No, it's not a European standard for torque-wrench measurement (although we will propose this to the European Union). 8 1/2 is a fictitious, auto-biographical retrospective about Fellini's directorial career. In our opinion it's his best film but if have seen it, or are going to, and don't agree with us, we'd appreciate it if you wouldn't pass judgment on the matter. We like Disney films also.


How could websites not be one of our favorite things? Granted, they slipped in just behind PVC piping and an obscure Italian art film, but we like them just as much. You wouldn't be reading this right now if we didn't. We treat the design and development of websites like an art form (which it is), and hone our craft with the utmost care and attention.

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