Code is poetry.


We work with you personally on every stage of stage of website development, from conception to design, coding, testing, launch and implementation. We'll help you assess which technologies are best for your project, and what needs to be done to maintain and use them.

standards compliance

Keeping up with the W3C Joneses

All of our code is W3C standards compliant. We use the most recent versions of XHTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript and other popular open-source languages, but can implement others if desired. As these languages are so widely used (and free), future additions to the site will be cost-effective, and can be performed by a wider range of developers.


We believe the best code strives for simplicity, and solves a problem in the fewest steps possible. Our code is both clean and robust, making for a website that is quick, lightweight, and easily maintained by future developers.

The Life Cycle

A Zopio website from birth to, er, further along.


Need help taking that groundbreaking idea and developing it into a viable, fully fleshed-out website concept? We'll work with you to sprout that that nagging feeling into a breathtaking, coherent blueprint for your website or business.


Javascript or Flash? Static or database-driven? We'll help you with all of the crucial decisions that make your website what it is. We scour the market to see what your competitors are doing -- what works, what doesn't, and how we can build the best website around for what you're doing.


What can we say -- we're perfectionists. We want all of our work to look, and function brilliantly. We'll take any website designs, either ours, yours, or a third party's, and code them into lightweight, robust, standards-compliant goodness.


It's one thing to build a website, but running and maintaining it is another thing altogether. We'll work with to keep your site purring like a kitten. Whether you'd like us to show you the ins and outs of running the site, or want us to look after it for you, we'll make sure your website is always in good hands.

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