Service with a smile

sweet freedom

Whatever your hosting needs we can develop an afforadable solution that fits you like a (very well-tailored) glove. Want us to host your site? Great. We'll set you up on one of our blazing fast servers. Already have a web host, or another one in mind? Awesome. We'll work with you to get your site up and running regardless of where you'd like it hosted.


Mystified by server management? Awed by administration? We're happy to handle your linux and windows hosting needs on a temporary or full-time basis. Whatever the scope of your website we can handle the nitty-gritty of security, business e-mail systems, installing applications, and anything else your server desires.

migration elation

Is your website stuck on a snail of a server? Let us take on the harrowing task of moving your site to a faster, happier home. Trust us -- your site's visitors will bump you to the top of their holiday greeting card lists.

Master of your domain(s)

Need to purchase an obscure domain, a .io for example? Simply need to consolidate and manage domains from a number of registrars? We can help you with that. Regardless of your domain needs, we're willing and able to handle them for you.

server soulfood

A few reasons your site will be comfy here.


All of our servers are provided by Geek Storage, a bulletproof company with a solid reputation.

99.9% uptime

We guarantee that your server will be up at least 99.9% of the time that it's running. This isn't to say that it'll be down 0.1% of the time, but it certainly won't be down any more than that.

the speed of lite

All of our servers use LITESPEED, an HTTP server that's up to 9x faster than Apache or other server platforms.


All of our servers are equipped with the CPanel control panel interface, making it easy to manage every aspect of your server without using the command line.

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